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Jeffrey (USA) - 02 adults Turkey Travel Package

I wanted to send you a quick follow up note to say "thank you" for coordinating a GREAT vacation. Bob and I had a wonderful time during our 2 weeks in Turkey. We appreciate all of your hard work in organizing all of the tours and transfers. Everything went as planned. Thanks again, and we will definitely recommend your agency to our friends if they travel to Turkey.

Pamela (USA) - 02 adults Turkey and Greece Travel Package

Thanks for the welcome. We did arrive safe and sound. Had a wonderful trip and connected wonderfully with Sevim. She was a wonderful guide and made the trip extra special. We loved Turkey and had a great time in Greece. Thanks for assistance.

Nader (Iran) - 02 adults Travel in Cesme, Turkey

Dear Aydin, Thank you very much for your kind and professional cooperation. Kind Regards Nader.

Kevin (USA) - 02 adults Private Guided Turkey & Greece Tour

Linda and I want to offer our thanks to you to all of your staff for a magnificent trip to Greece, the isle of Crete, and to Turkey. You arranged the perfect trip after we described our specific interests in early Christian frescos and mosaics, the Mycenaec and Bronze age culture, and of course the classical Greek and Byzantine cultures. In addition to touching the walls of Troy and Mycenae and the many well known and visited sites, you arranged so much more. Each day was a great adventure, personalized for two people you had never met. Istanbul is beyond description and our guide Cemal was wonderful. You selected ideal hotels for our stays in Athens, Crete, Istanbul, Assos, and Selcuk. The village of Assos was a wonderful surprise. We wish we could have spent more time in this Turkish heaven. All of your arranged guides were excellent. We at all times felt safe and each day closed with a wonderful meal and a restful sleep. Aydin, please accept our deepest gratitude. I would be so pleased to be able to answer any questions from possible clients or agents in North America. Linda and I wish you our very best. Warmest thanks, Kevin and Linda.

Joan (USA) - 02 adults Private Turkey Tour & Greek Island Cruise

I am home and even adjusted back to the time in AZ. As we reflected on this FABULOUS trip, we agreed on several things to tell you. First of all, we both LOVED Turkey and came away with really strong feelings about the 2 weeks spent there. Part of that may be because we really LOVED our PRIVATE tour with Hussein and Cemal !!!! They made those 6 days very special! But we also loved the fact that everywhere we went your country was IMMACULATE (which was not as true in Greece). The people were warm and friendly (except some rug salesman !!!). The food was DELICIOUS, the ruins were spectacular and shopping was wonderful. We enjoyed our visit to all of the Greek isles, but in hindsight we might want to do that differently. Instead of cruise we might prefer taking the FAST ferry to Myknos, Santorini, and Rhodes and spending 2 (or even 3) nights on each of those islands. We were glad that I had indicated our desire to spend more time on Mykonos and you accomodated that. We really enjoyed the 2 days there!!! We really wished we could have spent more time on Santorini - and knew why many people got off the ship there and stayed a few days! Our overall feelings about Greece were not as strong as those for Turkey. We are not sure if that is because we did Turkey FIRST and loved the PRIVATE tour so much or we would have felt this way even if Greece had been our first country! I live in a community where lots of retirees travel a great deal. I hope when they hear me rave about Turkey and YOU that I will be able to recommend you to more customers!!!! Please give my best to Cemal and your wife - that evening remains one of the highlights of the trip !!!! I do hope you will write!!! Warmly, Joan.

Anett (Denmark) - 02 adults Private Tour of Van in Turkey

My husband and Gert had a wonderful tour to Van, everything was just perfect, so next time we go to Turkey we will use your agency and of course we will recommend your agency. Thank you, Anett.

Suna (Canada) - 02 adults Private Tours of Turkey in 2004 and 2005

We are home and still in awe. Had a great time. The program you designed was great and flawless. Got my pictures and can't believe how much ground we have covered in such a short time. I will be sending you some maple syrup as soon as I can. Aydin, Cemal and I talked about your firm's brochures and I would like to have some for the 2 travel agencies I deal with here. It is already receiving interest in the churches and we will make a poster of the 7 churches for the church's bulletin. I also took a lot of postcards and books incase my pictures didn't turn out. The Bible Anatolia should and is much more interesting than Medjugorje particularly Mary's last residence. I am in awe. Hope you will be able to visit my family and of course Canada. Blessings, Suna.

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