Turkish Cuisine – A Paradise For Foodies

Turkish cuisine is renowned for its flavour and most certainly not limited to the widely known “Doner Kebab”. With it’s great diversity of flora & fauna, each region boasts its own specialities, in the west dishes are predominantly influenced by olive oil, seafood & vegetables while further south and east they become meatier & spicy. Due to centuries of regional Ottoman Empire domination and proximity … Continue reading Turkish Cuisine – A Paradise For Foodies

Travelling from Greece to Turkey by Ferry [Infographic]

There are many means of transportation while travelling to Greece from Turkey or vice-versa. One the most common and quickest way is travelling by ferry. Since many Greece islands are very close the shores of Turkey, it is one of the fastest ways to use ferries while travelling between two countries. We generally try to use ferries in our Turkey Greece travel packages to provide faster … Continue reading Travelling from Greece to Turkey by Ferry [Infographic]

Turkey Tour & Travel Guide – Part 2, Regions of Turkey & Places to Visit

Turkey is divided up into 07 main regions, which are then subdivided into 81 provinces. Each province is then subdivided into a total of 923 districts. Below you will find a brief outline each region, noting the main provinces and a few highlights for which each are most famous. Aegean Region One of the most popular regions of Turkey, the jewels in its crown being … Continue reading Turkey Tour & Travel Guide – Part 2, Regions of Turkey & Places to Visit

Turkey Tour & Travel Guide – Part 1, The Basics

In this first part we will cover for you the following points: Why visit Turkey Useful tips for visitors such as visas, language, currency, etc Weather in Turkey A brief history of Turkey In additional parts to follow, so be sure to refer back to our blog frequently, we will also be providing you with: PART 2 : Regions of Turkey and the main areas … Continue reading Turkey Tour & Travel Guide – Part 1, The Basics


St Paul – The Ultimate Missionary

Saint Paul was born in Tarsus (near Mersin, in modern day Turkey) and became one of the most important and influential of all the saints, influencing the growth and development of the Church since the first century. Paul set out on his missionary journeys to carry the message of Jesus Christ through Syria, Turkey & Greece. One can trace his path through Acts and visit the locations … Continue reading St Paul – The Ultimate Missionary

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Croatia – A Mediterranean Dream

Untouched coastline of crystal clear waters, over ten thousand islands with hidden bays and stunning beaches, a rich cultural & historical heritage with many UNESCO sites to explore, breathtaking landscapes … Croatia is a paradise that will fill your heart. Croatia benefits from a rich cultural heritage reflected in its many museums, palaces, churches and cities, where even a short walk turns into a magical … Continue reading Croatia – A Mediterranean Dream


Jordan – 10 fast facts

The land of Jordan lies along an ancient and well-used trade route. A country filled with ancient monuments, stunning nature reserves and seaside resorts. The most famous is the archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300BCE, set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs. Below are a few interesting facts about Jordan … Continue reading Jordan – 10 fast facts

Bridge over Golden Horn in Istanbul

What Turkey is Like for Travelers Right Now

Article by Wendy Perrin – written 08 October 2015 (read original article) I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, what with the rise of ISIS and U.S. military action in Syria (Turkey’s neighbor to the southeast). When war is in the news, it can be scary for travelers. It might be easy to imagine that Turkey is a battlefield; we keep hearing about terrorists … Continue reading What Turkey is Like for Travelers Right Now

Trans Siberian - Longest train Journey

World’s Longest Train Journey

A train isn’t only a means of transport but also a roving window. Railways connect expanses covering thousands of miles and provide unforgettable adventures and romantic journeys for their passengers. Here are the amazing details of the Trans Siberian Railway, the longest railroad in the world. A journey on the Trans Siberian is one of the most forbidable trips a tourist can make. Travellers can … Continue reading World’s Longest Train Journey