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There are two kinds of travellers. Those who like to find a paradise where life stands still and relaxation is inevitable or those who are more of an explorer type who immerse themselves into a culture and absorb every bit of the new land. No matter which category you fall into, your needs will be met with a trip to the cradle of western civilization; Greece. With so much to do, so much to see, a great place to start is to look into Greece vacation packages so you will not miss out on anything.

Any Greece tour vacation package will include the opportunity to soak up thousands of years of culture and a history so extensive and rich that it may be nearly impossible to take it all in. When a country is called “The Birthplace of Democracy”, that alone should indicate that there will be a significant amount of history to take in. When you add that birthplace of the Olympic games, political science, western philosophy, western literature and drama, the wealth of interesting and appealing events and locations should easily fill your ‘what should we do’ list. For the traveller looking to soak up the sun instead of the history, the islands surrounding Greece with the red beaches and sunshine will provide the backdrop you would expect for any holiday where rest and relaxation is your priority.

Greece tours and vacation packages can be tailored to take you to the spots that offer the most intrigue or interest. The archaeological and architectural wonders that dot the Greek landscape would be more than enough to keep even the most discerning history buff busy for the duration of the trip. Athens alone features some of the world’s best museums, and archaeological museums are spread throughout the islands. Museums are among the top Greece tourist attractions due to the country’s rich history and devotion to the arts. Greece will also give culinary adventurers the chance to sample something that is a big part of Greek culture. Food is celebrated in Greece and a vacation allows you to sample the Greek food you have come to love at home in its authentic environment. Seize the opportunity to sample fresh seafood and an array of locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. A trip through the farmlands of Greece reveals the beautiful rows of Greece’s great olive trees so you can see the source of where Greek olive oil, considered by many to be the finest in the world, comes from.

Greece has something for everyone. For the tourist who will be focused on culture, history, adventure or relaxation there will be ample opportunity to be exposed to a little of everything. Greece can easily be a year round destination. From November to April the weather will be cool, but with the variety of tourist diversions available there will be much to see and do. The summer months see an influx of travellers who see Greece as a destination of choice and once you determine which of our Greece vacation packages will be best for you, surely this destination will be added to your own travel portfolio as well.

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