Istanbul Forum Turkuazoo

Turkuazoo – Istanbul Aquarium

The Forum Istanbul, is not only one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, great for those wishing to make a shopping trip to Istanbul, but is also one of the first world-wide to have a huge  aquarium inside!

The giant aquarium, Turkuazoo, is located inside a culture park over an area of 8 thousand sqm. 10 thousand different underwater creatures and 25 thousand other species can be found here. Here you have the opportunity to view sharks, stingrays, giant dusky groupers, amazon species, sea snakes,  seahorses, lobsters, crabs and  thousands of others which you might never have heard or or seen before.

Piranhas are among the sea  creatures attracting attention. Piranhas with red bellies, which have been subjects of many films and documentaries, live at the “soft water” corridor decorated with rain forests.

The aquarium offers various activities besides just the opportunity to view these creatures. You can enjoy a spectacular show with fish feeding activities organized by the divers every hour on week days and every half an hour on weekends. There is also the chance, for those with courage, to dive into the magic atmosphere of the underwater world and experience closely hundreds of sea creatures and feed them too.

Turkuazoo helps visitors to have a good and joyful day with the benefit of actually learning something in the process. It also helps make us more aware of and to think about the importance of protecting the environment, not polluting the sea and respecting the life of other creatures. Turkuazoo contributes to the environment consciousness not only through the venue it owns and opportunities it offers to the visitors but also the training programs it prepares and the active roles it assumes in “Deniztemiz” (Sea Protection) projects.

A fun day out and great for those travelling with kids who wish for a bit of a break from just historical sightseeing tours in Istanbul.