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Noelene (Australia) - 02 adults Greece & Turkey Travel Package

Hi Aydin
Firstly, my apologies for being so late in doing this but Brian and I wanted to thank you for all your help in arranging our tours of Greece and Turkey. Everything worked out perfectly and we wanted to let you know how appreciative we were.

From the time we first started communicating to the end of the trip it all went like clockwork.

The 4 day inland trip of Greece was brilliant and it was great to have the accommodation right in town as the others on the bus (except for four of us) had to walk into town from their accommodation of an evening. We enjoyed the cruise much more than we thought we would and the junior suite was fantastic. Our day tour in Istanbul with just our guide and us on foot was a highlight. I'm sorry I can't remember his name at the moment. Cappadocia was sensational and I'm pleased we chose it over Gallipolli.

The hotel room in Cappadocia was fantastic and a big surprise as we were the last to be dropped off and most of them were going to 'caves'. In fact an American couple about our age thought that the hotel was just named The Cave but when we bumpad into them the next day they said the room was in an actual cave and they weren't overly impressed.

The only time in all the tours we had a slight panic was in Cappadocia when the transfer shuttle was late picking us up for return flight to Istanbul and there was a terrible storm as well but we made it with 40 minutes to spare, much to everyone's delight. Something that was totally out of your control.

So, many, many thanks. We hope to be able to see Egypt one day but not this year unfortunately. Please feel free to use our comments as reference to anyone else.

With best wishes, Noelene and Brian.

Brandon (USA) - 20 adults Turkey & Greece Travel Package

Hello, this is Brandon, we have arrived home now, and I wanted to let you know that everything was fantastic. The hotels, the tours and everything were well above what I expected. I would like to thank you very much for making this the trip of a lifetime!!! Thanks once again Aydin, and if I ever hear of anyone traveling to Turkey or Greece I will most definatly give them your contact information. Have a great day!!! Brandon.

Barbara (Canada) - 02 adults Turkey (Istanbul & Ephesus) Travel Package

I just wanted to send off a quick note to let you know how much Lauren and I enjoyed our trip to Turkey, which was organized by you upon the request of Evi Psilopoulou at Haritou Travel Group in Athens. First of all, our accommodations (Amira Hotel Istanbul) were wonderful! The staff was excellent, the breakfast was superb, the beds and shower were great!! The location was terrific; we really enjoyed all that was around our area. Our trip to Ephesus went off without a hitch; pickups, flights and tour were all wonderful. We loved Istanbul and would like to visit more of Turkey someday. We will be sure to contact you if we do! Again, thank you for all your efforts in making our time in Turkey so special; it really is an amazing country.
Kindest Regards Barb.

Tony (USA) - 02 adults Turkey & Greece Travel Package

Aydin, Terry and I have returned home from a fantastic trip to Greece and your country, Turkey. We learned so much about your ancient and modern history. I'm still amazed at how seemless all the connections were. The transfers and tours (at least 15 total) were always on time and professional. The hotels were good, some better than others. We especially liked the Iliomaris in Mykonos. We had only one bad experience with a guy named Ibrahim at the front desk at the Atinc hotel in Kusadasi. Thank you for doing such a great job arranging this last minute vacation for us!
Sincerely, Tony.

Jay (USA) - 02 adults Turkey, Greece & Egypt Travel Package

Thank you so much for getting my sunglasses back to me. Every time I go through my pictures I was reminded of all the fun I had on my trip. I will definitely recommend 7 Wonders to any of my friends who are interested in visiting Egypt, Turkey or Greece.

Zarar (USA) - 09 persons Turkey & Greece Travel Package

Hello Aydin. I wanted to thank you for your help in arranging every thing for us during our recent trip. It took me a while for this thank you note as I was on a conference in Texas for few days. Any way it was a good trip overall. Atleast 2 of my Physician Collegues here have told me that they want to call you as they are planning a trip. Couple of points I want to mention to improve any future trip for us or for any of my friends. Hotel In Athens was the only Hotel that i will not stay again. Location was good but the rest was sub standard. Every other place that we stayed at was great. For Santorini flights I would recommend Aegan Air over Olympic as they were flying when Olympic cancelled there flights. Over all a great vacation. Thank you very much.

Zaynab (USA) - 06 adults Private Turkey Tour

We are now back in Canada and very much missing the hustle and bustle of Turkey and its people. Thank you very much for all your assistance with coordinating and booking our travel arrangements and making all the various decisions involved with such a unique tour easy for us. We were so impressed with your attention to details, your support during our time there and valuable suggestions that made a big difference in our enjoyment. Please thank all the people involved with making this trip wonderful for us, especially Ebrahim and Huseyin, and we know we will be back some day soon!
Warm regards, Zaynab

Kim (Australia) - 02 adults Greece Travel Package

Thank you very much Aydin - for everything. You truly have been a pleasure to work with. Will remember your name and recommend 7 wonders travel to all who will listen! Many thanks again.

Jenny (Hong Kong) - 02 adults Turkey Travel Package

Just want to say thank you very much for your help and quick response for making our trip very wonderful. We had a great time and thanks again for your arrangement, the only hiccup was the bus arrival from Pammukale to Cappadocia. The guides for Ephesus and Cappadocia were very professional and helpful.We are now in Istanbul and time just flies so quickly, and really didnt want to leave so early. Turkey is a great country to visit and we will definitely come back again hopefully when the weather is warmer. It was freezing cold in Cappadocia but it was wonderful seeing the snow and a very unexpected feel of the scenary. Anyway. we will definitely recommend 7wonderstravel to our friends. Thanks again and Happy New Year ! Cheers, Jenny & Eva.

Hasmukh (USA) - 10 adults (repeat clients for 3 years) South Africa Travel Package

I want to thank you very much for the wonderful vacation. All the arrangements were very good. Tour Guide was excellent. I am sure I will be contacting you again for our next years vacation. We also thank you for taking care of the necessary refund for the services in Cape Town which we could not do due to very bad weather. Again thanks for all the arrangements and we appreciate all. The dinner arrangements were the ones that I was concerned about, but they turned out to be very good. As usual if you want to use my name for reference please free to do so. Thanks, Hasmukh.

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